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    Registry & Gifts

    Whether you’re looking for the traditional gift for year five or advice on how much to spend, we have you covered. Marriage is something to celebrate, at every milestone and budget!
    wedding registry items
    The Ultimate Guide to Wedding Registries
    bride and groom
    The 20 Best Gifts for a Virtual Wedding
    picture frame
    The 12 Best Picture Frames to Display Your Favorite Wedding Photos
    keepsake box
    The 12 Best Wedding Keepsake Boxes for Big Day Treasures
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    The 9 Best Sheet Sets for Your Dream Bed
    The 18 Best Personalized Wedding Gifts for All Occasions
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    The 12 Best Flatware Sets for the Best Dinner Party Ever
    The 17 Best Pottery Gifts To Celebrate a Special Anniversary
    couple with invitee
    The 20 Best Paper Anniversary Gifts
    couple on beach
    The 17 Best 23rd-Anniversary Gifts
    These Are the Best Carry-on Luggage Pieces for Your Registry and Beyond
    couple in kitchen
    The 13 Best Kitchen Gadgets That You Need for Your Registry
    wine glasses
    The 10 Best Wine Glasses for Your Registry, According to a Sommelier
    couple walking on beach
    The 22 Best 13th-Anniversary Gifts
    20 Lab-Grown Diamond Eternity Bands to Fall Head-Over-Heels For
    Le Creuset
    The 19 Best Iron Anniversary Gifts That Your S.O. Will Love
    bronze ring dish
    The 18 Best Bronze Gifts That Will Make Your Day Shine
    couple with leather bags in airport
    The 20 Best Leather Anniversary Gifts
    family eating
    18 China Anniversary Gifts, You'll Want Them Even If You're Not Celebrating 20 years (Yet)
    couple toasting
    The 19 Best Crystal Anniversary Gifts To Celebrate 15 Years Together
    silver bracelet
    The 19 Best Silver Anniversary Gifts For Your Long-time Love
    older couple lounging
    The 19 Best Golden Anniversary Gifts
    older couple
    The 19 Best 21st-Anniversary Gifts That Will Win the Day
    flower arrangement
    The 18 Best Anniversary Flowers for Love That’s Ever-Blooming
    The 17 Best 22nd Anniversary Gifts
    couple together
    The 21 Best 16th Anniversary Gifts
    couple by the water
    The 20 Best 17th-Anniversary Gifts That Your Partner Will Love
    lesbian couple dancing
    The 18 Best 14th-Anniversary Gifts in 2022
    laughing couple
    The 18 Best 18th-Anniversary Gifts for Every Style
    older couple hugging
    The 19 Best 45th Anniversary Gifts That Will Make Them Swoon
    couple kissing
    The 20 Best 19th Anniversary Gifts for a Lasting Love.
    wood hearts
    The Best Wooden Anniversary Gifts for a 5th Anniversary
    couple on porch
    The 23 Best 35th Anniversary Gifts in 2022
    old couple together
    The 21 Best 60th Anniversary Gifts that Shine
    couple hanging out
    The 19 Best 12th Anniversary Gifts That Will Make a Big Impression
    couple kissing
    The 19 Best Gifts to Celebrate Your 11th Anniversary
    couple kissing
    The 20 Best Anniversary Gifts for Couples To Celebrate Your Love
    older couple having coffee
    The 21 Best Gifts to Celebrate your 50th Anniversary
    couple sitting on stoop
    These Are the Best Anniversary Gifts to Delight Your Girlfriend
    cotton robe
    The 18 Best Cotton Anniversary Gifts Your S.O. Will Love
    Older couple laughing
    The 21 Best Gifts to Celebrate Your 40th Anniversary
    older couple cooking
    The Best 25th-Anniversary Gifts for the Silver Year
    couple on beach
    21 Best Anniversary Gifts for Your Boyfriend That He'll Love
    Best Anniversary Gifts for Wife
    Here Are the Best Anniversary Gift Ideas to Delight Your Wife
    older couple laughing
    The 19 Best Anniversary Gifts for Parents and In-Laws
    couple holding hands
    The 22 Best Seventh Anniversary Gifts for Your One-and-Only
    happy older couple
    The Best 24th-Anniversary Gifts for Your Sweetheart
    Best First-Anniversary Gifts
    The 23 Best First Anniversary Gifts To Make Your Partner Smile
    The 19 Best 10th-Year Anniversary Gifts in 2022
    The 18 Best Traditional and Modern 10th Anniversary Gifts
    The 25 Best 5th Year Anniversary Gifts of 2022
    The 25 Best 5th Anniversary Gifts to Celebrate Your Milestone
    The 19 Best 2nd Anniversary Gifts in 2022
    The 19 Best Second Anniversary Gifts for Your One and Only
    older couple in kitchen
    The 24 Best 20th-Year Anniversary Gifts
    necklace box
    Anniversary Gifts by Year: Our Traditional and Modern Guide
    Black couple
    The 16 Best 15th Anniversary Gifts To Celebrate Your Milestone
    The Complete Guide to Anniversary Rings
    young couple
    The 20 Best Anniversary Gifts To Show Your Love
    The 14 Best 9th Anniversary Gifts to Celebrate in Style
    couple in nature
    The 15 Best 8th Anniversary Gifts to Show Your Love
    Young cheerful spouses enjoying morning time together
    The 21 Best 6th Anniversary Gifts to Celebrate Your Love
    couple by ocean
    The 16 Best 4th Anniversary Gifts to Show Your Love
    couple hugging
    The 13 Best 3rd Anniversary Gifts to Celebrate Your Special Day
    17 Valentine's Day Jewelry Pieces For You or Your Sweetheart
    23 Sweet Mrs. and Mrs. Wedding Gifts for the Happy Couple
    two happy grooms
    24 Thoughtful Mr. and Mr. Wedding Gifts That Will Make Them Smile